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The Yesodic Order of the Crystal Tower I an order that believes each person has the potential to grow in the soul, mind, and body. It is through knowledge and experience can only the Crystallite (a person who is a deemed member of the YOCT through initiation) grow into the person they wish to be with the ultimate goal with the union of the Holy Guardian Angel. Many different methods have been attained for this classical goal also known by the names Samadhi, Augoeides, knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, the union with God, the Philosopher's Stone (or alchemical gold in some schools), and many other names. The website is a very loose learning re-purposed overtime for simplicity and community, also recruitment for people who wish to join the Templi Stellarum for higher learning.

If you would like to be a Crystallite then all you have to do answer a few of the the questions in the application below and apply to the website. Thank you for your time and 18!

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